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Welcome to the adventurers’ hangout! Here you can see everyone’s Awesome ideas for having fun while posting comments for your friends, parents or playworkers who have shared their ideas. Maybe you’ll spot some familiar faces!


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Fun stuff

Paper Lanterns

  You will need a paper,scissors and sellotape. First fold your piece of paper in half and cut lines across the paper leaving a gap,open up and fold round using some sellotape to hold in place. Cut a strip of paper to use as a handle and stick this on with sellotape. You can use bright…

Giants Bees and Spiders

You will need 10 squares of paper and pens. Use some tape to mark out a grid of 9 squares,draw 5 bees and 5 spiders onto your squares of paper one person has the bees the other the spiders,the first person to get 3 of their pictures straight in row or diagonal is the winner!…

Michael’s Awesome Word search

I’ve created an Awesome word-search! The words our Awesome Adventurers have to find are listed below. Awesome Cornwallis Barnard Cape Three Corners King Henrys Waterside Fun Playground Adventure  

Rock Painting

    What you will need: Pencil Colourful paint Paintbrushes Stones/rocks from outside   What to do:  Start by drawing your design on the rock. Don’t worry about minor mistakes as these will be covered by the paint Once happy you can start to paint. Leave to dry for 3-4 hours before using them.   …


Don’t be shy…

If you want to give us feedback, make a recommendation, or share an awesome idea for a game, recipe or challenge, just jot it down below. We love hearing from all our adventurers!

12 responses to “Adventurer’s Hangout”

  1. wow good videos.
    my favourite is the blind fold one.
    I have submitted a pokemon game let me know what you think?

  2. Absolutely awesome activities!! These activities are keeping me extremely occupied and absolutely loving Maureen the rockstar!!

  3. Would first like to say a huge thank you to the awesome team for their amazing variety of activities day-to-day to not only keep my son involved but myself! Keeping the spirts High over this period!???

  4. Well done to all the amazing staff from all the playgrounds… keeping my little minions busy with online activities and fun!!!

    Maureen we love your creativity from dance to crafts!

    Thank you!!

  5. A big thank you to everyone at awesome adventure for all the amazing activities for the children. This place has so many fun activities for all ages and they are things that we can all do at home. My kids love it. And a big shout for Maureen the rock star and Dani for her wicked science experiments!

  6. Thank you do much for the amazing videos during this difficult time. A big Thank you to Maureen. Your videos have been a god send and have really helped keep my girls entertained. They girls loved the experiments and arts and crafts in particular. Really helped me to get creative too. Thank you again ?

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