Meet Team Awesome


Our children and young people are (obviously) the most important members of the Awesome team. They let us know when we’re getting it right and we involve them in the running of the organisation wherever possible – even if that means getting covered in slime.


Our Awesome staff are simply that: the perfect sidekicks to each of our adventurers. They offer enthusiasm, help and encouragement, as well as a friendly ear.

Core staff Head honchos

Head of Play Service

Managing Director

Coach Carter

Office staffTechnical  Wizards

Bookings Administrator

Office Administrator

Phoenix Whisperer

Barnard Team Knights of the Round Table


Sir Walker

Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Lady Dragon Slayer


Sir Baptiste

Cape Team Superhero sidekicks

Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Magical Matilda


Cat Woman


Invincible Jack

Cornwallis Team Pirates

Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Captain Belle



John Silver

King Henry’s Walk Team Safari rangers



Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Three Corners Team Cyborgs


Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead



The Iron Giant

Waterside Team Forest dwellers

Adventure Playground Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Not so little John


Lady of the Forest


Crouching Tiger


Our generous volunteers are heroes in their own right. They give their time to help the community and make a massive difference to the people around them. If you would like to volunteer, check out our page on volunteering.


The board’s role is anything but boring. They provide support and supervision to ensure everyone within and associated with Awesome can work together to keep it… well… Awesome.

Team rules>

Team Awesome devised six rules that everyone is expected to uphold in their day-to-day roles, no matter who they are.

  • To respect each other, make sure everyone has the opportunity to be heard, and act as an advocate to children and young people
  • To develop trusted relationships and recognise the achievements of others
  • To work collaboratively and form strong partnerships with commissioners, customers, communities and suppliers
  • To be inclusive and welcoming, and celebrate our vibrant communities, reflecting the cultural diversity of our co-owned business
  • To show enterprise and take pride in the quality of work being delivered
  • To improve from mistakes and operate as a transparent learning organisation
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