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At our playgrounds, young adventurers from all over Islington play freely, meet new friends and have fun. Play is free, safe and fully supervised by incredible playworkers at all six of our adventure playgrounds in Islington – you just need to register. And if you’re not sure where to start, why not visit each of them. They’re all unique and offer both indoor and outdoor spaces that are perfect for creativity, learning, exploring, playing games, sports, discovery and more.

Adventurers always have a say in what goes on and they’re involved in everything we do. We respect their opinions and make sure they have the chance to play their own way, in their own time, growing in confidence and independence.

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Family play sessions

Our fantastic family play sessions are packed with fun things for the whole family to do. Supported by qualified playworkers, you’ll be introduced to new and exciting play experiences. All sessions are free and open to all families in Islington every Saturday from 11.30pm – 1.30pm during school term time at Barnard, Cornwallis, King Henry’s Walk, Three Corners and Waterside Adventure Playgrounds. There’s no age restriction for children, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult – just be prepared to get messy! #FunComesFirst

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Holiday group visits

While lots of people are chilling out during the holiday season, we’re very busy! Lots of holiday playscheme groups are interested in attending our open play sessions during the holidays. So, to make sure we give all our young adventurers the best experience we can, groups need to book with the individual playground in advance of their visit.

For groups of six or more children, please complete a booking form. We get a lot of visitors during the summer, and this is when our playgrounds experience the most wear and tear. We ask for groups to pay a small fee per child, to help us maintain our playgrounds and awesomeness. One day of play costs a pound per child for an Islington-based group, and two pounds for adventurers from further afield.

Bookings can be made with the playground’s playwork coordinator in person, via email or on the telephone. Payments can be made by; cash or BACS transfer.

Be sure to check each adventure playground’s opening times before you plan your visit, and bring a copy of your register for our records.

Adventure play staff

All our staff attend regular training and have achieved or are working towards a National Vocational Qualification in Playwork. Staff can easily be identified by their ID badges and royal blue shirts. They’re always willing to help, and if you have any difficulties, let them know.

Meet Team Awesome
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Parent’s guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Awesome. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, drop us a line.

Read the guide

Why adventure?

Well, firstly because it’s fun – but there are lots of other great reasons too.

Staying fit, healthy and ready to save the world!
Our adventurers love running and jumping, but it’s good for them too. Our timber play structures are great for stretching muscles and challenging physical skills. This keeps play adventurous and bodies healthy!

All our adventurers are undercover detectives… shhh!
Play encourages adventurers to try new ways of thinking and figuring things out. At our playgrounds, adventurers build their language skills, and explore new ways of forming ideas and expressing themselves. MI5 watch out!

Making awesome friends
Awesome is a great place to meet new people and make friends. It’s where adventurers can learn about sharing and helping, winning and losing, and how to disagree without fighting.

Getting creative
Adventurers don’t have to be the next Kahlo or Picasso to express their natural creativity at Awesome’s playgrounds. From den building to dance, and badge making to cooking, there’s no end to the ways in which adventurers can get creative and follow their imagination.

Stuff for grown-ups

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