Wonder Windows

Sarah Wilson as Sarah the Lionheart


Make sure you ask an adult in your house before you start this one!


Why not use your windows as a way to brighten your neighbours day. There are lots of different ways you could decorate your windows.


1.Make a poster

You could make a poster that just says hello, that tells a funny joke, that reminds people to wash their hands, that encourages people to be kind and stay safe, or that thanks our brilliant NHS staff

2.Give us a change of scene

Draw, paint, cut out and blue tack pictures to your window to make a scene or landscape. Take us to the beach, to the park, to your favourite adventure playground, to space! If you do your drawings on tracing paper or greaseproof paper they will glow when you turn your lights on.

3.If you happen to have some acrylic paint or marker pens at home, use sticky tape to stick cling film to the inside of your window and paint or draw a masterpiece. This will light up at night too.



You can find more inspiration for wonderful window decorations here: https://www.windowwanderland.com/gallery/?fbclid=IwAR3Pabiy4xzsdtHNGIHe-7FcDu_vYbgnMdr_kd7aWUsCLswMwm_zHrQZvC0

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