Waterside’s ‘Go Fish’ Card Game

For three to seven players

You will need: A pack of playing cards with the jokers taken out

Each player needs seven cards. The rest of the cards go in the middle in a pile, face down. Players must not show their cards to anyone else.

In a deck of cards there are four of each thing; four of each number, four kings, four aces etc. Having all four if called having the set. The aim is to get as many full sets as possible.

Starting with the youngest player, take it in turns to pick a person and ask them for a card. The player asking should ask for a card they already have one or more of, for example, if they have an eight, they ask another player for an eight. This player must give them all of the eights they have.

If the player does not have any of the card they’ve been asked for, they say ‘go fish’ and the other player has to pick up a card from the top of the pack in the middle.

When the pile in the middle runs out, the winner is the person with the most full sets.

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