Ray’s Card Game-Pairs

Ray Peter

Ray’s Card Games – Pairs

Over at Waterside Adventure Playground we love a game of cards. Playworker Ray has got lots of card games up his sleeves.

This game is great for 2-7 players. If your deck of cards has a few missing it won’t matter much for this game.


1.Shuffle the cards
2.Place the cards spread out on the table or floor face down (no peeping!)

3.Take it in turns to turn over 2 cards. If they are the same number (2 7’s for example) or the same face (2 Jacks for example) you get to keep the pair.

If they don’t match, turn them back to face down and move on to the next player.


4.The trick is to pay attention to what other people turn over and remember which cards are where
5.Keep taking it in turns until all the cards are gone (or all the pairs are gone if you haven’t got a full pack)
6.The winner is the person with the most pairs!

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