Maiya’s Laser Beam Challenge



What you will need:


Bue tac

To make the game:

Stick the wool across the frames of the doors in as many rooms in your home as you’re allowed.

On the first door frame make the gaps the biggest.

Then on each door frame after that make the gaps smaller and smaller.

To play:
  1. Each door frame is a different level.
  2. Level one is the door frame with the biggest gaps in the laser beams.
  3. You can play this on your own or in a group.
  4. Start on level one and carefully try and make your way through the gaps in the beams without breaking them. Continue through the levels.
  5. If you are playing on your own then see what level you can make it to. Keep trying to you complete the last level.
  6. If you are playing in a group then the winner is the first person to make it through all the levels without breaking the laser beams.
Good luck in your laser quest!!
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