King Henry’s Walk’s 60 Seconds

This activity must be done outside and supervised by an adult.

You will need:
High visibility vest (enough for a small group)
Two soft sponge footballs
Two children who will be watchers
Two children who will be throwers (this will change when their sponge ball hits another child in the
A large enough space to host the number in your group.
Prizes can be used for the game.

  1. The main group of children wearing high visibility vests will disperse, trying their best to not be hit by a sponge football from the throwers.
  2. The watchers will each follow an individual thrower and will then follow the person the thrower hit and will each continue this for the duration of 60 seconds.
  3. Whoever was hit when the 60 seconds has elapsed will leave the game and the remainder will then start again.
  4. This will continue until the group becomes a total of eight, the watchers will no longer be required and there will only be one ball thrower. This will continue until you have the last child remaining in a smaller area.
  5. The last player can then maybe receive a prize. What it is, is totally your choice.
  6. ENJOY!
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