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The company is all based on marketing and sales, rather than sharing … I received my CPC certification about a year and a half ago and have been involved in the chapter's association ever since. UAE Office: +971 50 816 8149. International Office: +91 44 45030055 AAPC's UAE Training Center Location: Unit – 1601, Millennium Tower (Starbucks building) Sheikh Hamdan Street Opp. The AAPC of KC has a program to pair up members that need a little guidance and support with members who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Some of Casi’s statements against AAPC are not fair or accurateThere are many AAPC students who finish the course in less than the time frame given & pass the exam soon after, or even much later in a different calendar yearSome students pass on their first attempt an others take several attemptsEveryone is different ***, Thank you for reaching outWe strongly encourage you to contact our customer service department at 800-626-They can look into your account determine why books were unexpectedly sent to youIf you feel you were misled by your salesperson, please contact customer serviceWe show you the only contact you have made with them was to discuss CEUsThey can look into your account and determine how to best … Pre-Health Advisor Support Contact Pre-Health Advisor Support about any of the AAMC premed services (including AMCAS, FAP, FIRST, MCAT, and SHPEP) or the Advisor Information System (AIS). simple to do and free of chargeEmail ***@aapc.com if you 2020 Medical Coding Training CPC [AAPC] on Amazon.com. Email alerts were sent to the student pending 6/1/course cancellations, and customer declined to purchase additional extensions for the courses, and is now requesting additional accommodations at no charge or a full refundThe student still has not completed any course work in any of the online courses in a total of months of accessAAPC will allow another waive of extension fees for an additional time of months total for the courses, until 9/30/This is an additional fee of $that AAPC will be waived for this customer, and a final offerThe customer will have to repurchase the CPC exam when she is ready to test, as this expired in February and cannot be extendedThe customer has already repurchased the online practice exams and code booksShe will have to purchase any extensions on course access beyond September at the regular fee of $per course, per calendar monthIf the customer would like to update their CPC course to the year course this year or course next year, we can accommodate an additional discount on the updated course if she wantsSince codes are updated each calendar year, the student should be aware that this will be a "norm" in the industry and prepare for upcoming changes in the code sets or guidelinesThere will be no refund for any courses purchased in February of AAPC's refund policy is a day window for refunds on courses with no refund for membership or exams: https://www.aapc.com/policies/refund-policy.aspxThank you, Thank you for the opportunity to respond and provide resolutionIt appears AAPC has been able to provide resolution today with a one time courtesy extension for the CPC exam voucher; free of charge.I show a reschedule date of July 28, has already been securedAttached are screenshots to provide details of the exam resolutionPlease feel free to reach out to AAPC for any additional needs and we would like to wish you well during this difficult time.Sincerely, AAPC, Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I feel that the AAPC is not being fair about the way they handle their grading, I feel you pay all this money for membership, exam fees textbooks and study guide you should t least have the right to see what you have paid fori would like to be retested at no charge to me because I feel their exam did not match my preparation of study that I purchased from aapchave already spent almost $now will have to pay another $for exam and another almost $ for books and study guide Sincerely, [redacted] ***, We refunded Ms [redacted] 's account for the full amount charged ($395) on January 25, We apologize for the inconvenience, We're sorry for the response you received from our representativePlease forward your member ID number to [redacted] and we will forward your request for a review to our exam departmentIt may take up to business days to complete the reviewWe appreciate your patience, An AAPC representative followwith Mr [redacted] regarding the Revdex.com complaintWe offered a refund on the course and exam less the cost of the code books included in the training packageThe refund was completed on December 14, Mr [redacted] appeared satisfied with the resolutionAlex M [redacted] SrMarketing Communications Manager | AAPCDirect: x148Mobile: 801-726-5362alex.m [redacted] @aapc.comwww.aapc.com, On 6/23/this customer made a purchase that contained a 1-year AAPC student membership for $70, a distance learning CPC course training package for $(includes online course, practice exams & certification exam voucher), and code books for $plus $shipping chargesCode books & course textbooks were shipped & delivered to the customer on 6/26/New AAPC member packet followed in the mailAAPC's refund policy (https://www.aapc.com/policies/refund-policy.aspx) is that all courses may be cancelled within days for a full refund or within days for a refund less a $course cancellation fee as long as the student has not completed work in the courseAAPC does not refund for membership, exams, or shipping chargesBooks may be refunded within days if returned unopened in new condition less a restocking feeThe customer has worked through chapters in the course and only failed of the assignments she's completed, with an option to take the failed tests over again as many times as needed to passThis is a challenging independent study online course and our instructors have reached out to this student via email offering additional tips & assistanceWe do not have record in her account of a request for a refund AAPC cannot refund for a course that is nearly half complete & books that were delivered & used by the customerWe have given this student additional months in the course until 12/31/& we can give additional time & coaching assistance without a fee if that will help her, but we cannot offer a full refundAll products & services have been usedIf the customer would like to contact AAPC we can work out additional time in the course & coaching/instructional options to assist her with the course work, We just followed up with the AAPC representative who will be contacting youA call is coming shortly, Hi [redacted] , We're happy to help you out and we apologize for your frustrationsWould you forward your member ID number and mailing address to [email protected] so we can send a second edition of the ICD-10-CM book to you? AAPC awards CEUs based on the length of the training, see chart for details. AAPC only offers a calendar year exam because in this trade of medical coding, codes and guidelines are updated annually at a national level (by WHO, AMA, among other national and/or government organizations)Medical coders need to update their code sets annually to be currentWhen Casi took the CPC certification exam in 2015, the exam was based on year codes for all examineesWhen Casi registered for her exam, she agreed to AAPC’s Examination Agreement which states she understands that the exams are updated annually on January and reflect current calendar year codesIt is stated multiple places on AAPC’s website that examinees should bring the current code set to the exam or they will be at a disadvantage on the examThis is also stated on the course sales page that is viewable prior to purchase, and within the courseShe was also told by her AAPC instructor that she must use the current year version of all code books on the certification exam * 5. When the course was purchased in May of 2014, the medical codes in the course reflected the most current code set & the calendar year at the time, 2014, and her employer purchased the correct code books for that courseShe could have used those same books if had she had taken the certification exam in Call 877-524-5027 to speak to a representative. Phone: (623) 680-1290. AAPC's Price: $349.00 $210.00 Professional Development Course Library Over 180 Courses, Align with Membership and save 92.9%, Expires 12 months from date of purchase. In 2019, AAPC consolidated with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) and now exists within the organization as the ACPE Psychotherapy Commission. Phone Inquiry Hours: 7am to 7pm (CST) Monday through Friday Mailing Address: American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 233 N. Michigan Avenue, 21st Floor. Parcel tracking with APC PinPoint. Comments. Please wait to be attended. a requirement for certification 3,774 Number of Organizations • $64.6B Total Funding Amount • 5,222 Number of Investors. Please contact us with your questions. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight and obesity in adults. AAPC Business Monthly, and prominently on our website Working in AAPC as Regional Director in Texas, United States Fax: (312) 233-1500 Office Hours: 8am to 5pm (CST) Monday through Friday. We recognize that each individual has unique circumstances and would love to chat with you about your background and goals. Only participants who registered for the event can receive a certificate of participation. AAPC has a network of more than 500 local chapters across the United States, all within the umbrella of a non-profit organization, the AAPC Chapter Association. The American Association of Poison Control Centers manages national data, member accreditation, and national promotion to support the nation's 55 poison centers in their efforts to offer fast, free, expert services through the Poison Help Hotline 1-800-222-1222. 2020 Medical Coding Training CPC are interested in receiving the emeritus application form Customer Care: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to … Cell Phone Store in HOUSTON. © Copyright 2021, AAPC JOIN BY PHONE +1-408-418-9388 United States Toll JOIN BY VIDEO SYSTEM, APPLICATION OR SKYPE FOR BUSINESS Dial sip:1263283121@webex.com You can also dial and enter your meeting number. AAPC WIRELESS. AAPC is the nation's largest association of medical coders, billers, auditors, regulatory compliance experts, and physician practice management with more than 126,000 members. *AAPC Approved. See More The customer then called AAPC on January 18, 2016, asking to speak with the president of the company, Jason V***He was unavailableMs*** was transferred to the president's secretary, MsM***, who was away from her deskThe customer was asked to leave a voice message since MsM*** was away from her deskMsM*** offered a 50% refund since the course was half way completeThe total amount refunded was $***According to MsM***, the customer appeared grateful for the compromise, Hi ***, 1 review of American Academy of Professional Coders - AAPC "Our chapter is dedicated to uniting and providing a forum for professional medical coders in the SD's North County region. Have something to share about AAPC? Can't find a chapter near you or interested in starting a new chapter ? Telephone number (required) Consignment number (if known) Preferred contact. AAPC hasn’t the rigor or discipline to truly be an educational provider, and it is structured more as a multi-level marketing company than a professional membership organization. frequently promoted via email, social media, our member magazine Healthcare Alex M, Address: 2233 S Presidents Dr Ste F, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84120-7241, Sharing is caring! within the medical community because of the standards they represent. We recognize Mr [redacted] ’s concerns and will work to accommodate his needs the best we canIn an effort to help him complete the Practicode curriculum, we will further extend his subscription by over months, now expiring on December 31, A customer service representative will be calling him to review the details of the extensionConfusion over the Practicode agreement has prompted us to more clearly explain the program details in the product descriptionOur team will be updating the Practicode website in the coming days to help prevent confusion in the future, On 2/3/2016, this customer purchased a one year new student membership, along with online self-study courses in Medical Terminology, Anatomy, and training for CPC Preparation & physician medical coding, for a total of $Included in the offer were free coding books & course books shipped to the customer, along with an exam voucher and practice exams given immediately upon purchaseThe exam voucher & practice exams had a year expiration date, and these expired 2/3/The courses were meant to be completed in months from date of purchaseThis student was given additional months for year to finish all courses & the examCustomer has not completed any work in the courses and has only sent in email requests for assistance from an instructor in the Medical Terminology courseBoth emails were replied to by an instructor with tips & suggestions for studyThe student contacted AAPC by phone on 12/1/and requested additional accommodations due to personal circumstancesAAPC accommodated the student with an additional months extension for each of the courses at no charge, waiving $in extension fees, extending the course through the end of May, an additional months of study time (*extension fee is $per month, per course.) Federal Affairs 601 13th Street, NW Suite 400 North Washington, DC 20005 USA 202/347-8600 202/393-6137(fax) Send Email. StandPoint Surveys We're sorry that you were not satisfied with the Phone: (602) 400-4918. Get in touch. Certified Documentation Expert – Outpatient, Certified Professional Compliance Officer. resolution our customer service team offered. Call 877-290-0440 or have a career counselor call you. Use RevDex to, Increase visibility and credibility of your review by. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses . Jennifer Hill's email address je*****@aapc.com, contact phone/mobile number +1*****33. We also let her know that we would give her additional time to complete the courseOur representative noted that the customer was relieved to have the extension. not give upAs you know, you have an additional exam remainingAs you know, your previous result was just short passingClarification in a few areas could help you succeedYou should have received an email highlighting the areas of the exam where you faced the most challengesReview the areas and look for consistenciesWe would be happy to give you more in-depth insight into your score, which would uncover your challenges more clearlyEmail [email protected] to submit a request for this informationWe also encourage you to attend your local AAPC chapter meetings and glean insight from other professionalsMany have been where you are and could give you a different perspective on the examAlso consider reaching out to professionals in our forums at aapc.com or our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/21496405430/I would also like to note that our exams are not custom to the examineeThis is why we cannot share your exact resultsSharing the complete exam after grading often results in exam questions being leakedThis tarnishes the value of the credentialWe hope you understandAgain, we plead with you not to give upYou are close to passing the exam and beginning a career as a medical billerSincerely, Alex M*** AAPC, Hi ***, We're sorry that you fell just short of passing the examWe hold all of our examinees to the same standardIt's frustrating, especially knowing that you were one right answer away from successfully passing your certification examHowever, our certifications are revered Hamdan Center Abu Dhabi UAE. In regards to the complaint filed by MrsCasi * *** (ID# ***), Casi received books & study materials, completed the entire CPC preparation course, & took the CPC certification exam twice for the single fee of $paid by her employerAAPC does not refund for any course Certificates of participation are available for 30 days after the event. Casi’s CPC Training Package & code books were purchased on Friday 5/30/The course books were shipped the following Monday 6/2/and delivered & signed for by Casi’s employer on Thursday 6/5/Students are told in the Course Instructions that they may begin the course before receipt of course textbooksIf the employer delayed giving books to Casi, this was no fault of AAPCStudents are given months from purchase date to complete the CPC courseAn additional month grace period was given to Casi at no charge and she completed the course on 11/27/ Secretary. Live Chat: End Chat: Waiting: a a a: Connected. You may also contact us via email or phone at the following: Email: Info@aapcinternational.com. National Office Mailing Address. In the coding industry, updated annual codes are part of the business for correct claim submission & accuracyI’m sorry Casi is upset, but we do our best to warn examinees that they will be at a disadvantage on the exam using a code set that is not the same year as the exam yearCasi still has knowledge & books and other resources that were provided to her by AAPC from the fee that was paidAgain, no refund for the course she completed will be issuedShe may contact AAPC to get a student discount code for a retake on her exam which give her two more attempts at the CPC exam for $instead of $She also will not need to repurchase the ICD-9-CM book if she tests in 2015, as there have been no code changes to ICD-due to the national code freeze until ICD-implementationThis will save Casi some money if she tests before ICD-is implemented next yearShe will only need a CPT & HCPCS book to test in 2015, and she can use her ICD-9-CM bookUpdated books will help her chances greatly of passing the CPC certification exam if she'd like to try again holders for the last four years and was Thank you. What does your number mean? We recommend applying for emeritus status so you Contact Us Contact Us . National Headquarters 345 Park Boulevard Itasca, IL 60143 USA 800/433-9016 847/434-8000 (fax) Send Email. 27071 Aliso Creek Road Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3399. My APC Call us on 0800 37 37 37. Office Hours. can keep your certification through your final year of membershipThis status If you would like AAPC to contact you, please include your: Name; Customer ID; The best way to reach you (phone number or email address) Depot finder Send via APC Direct Pay Online. will fulfill the expectation you had when renewing in NovemberApplying is 12-Month Webinar Subscription Align with Membership and save 89%, Expires 12 months from date of purchase. BMI values are age-independent and the same for both sexes. Reschedule delivery with APC Called. Get AAPC company's verified contact number +1*****633, web address, revenue, total contacts 440, industry Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech and location at Adapt.io If Casi had wanted to avoid testing in she could have selected to take the exam in and use her code booksIf there were no exams in her immediate area she could have traveled to an outside city or registered earlier in the year to secure her seat in a exam close to her homeShe could have also purchased or borrowed code books for any exam in It was Casi’s choice to sit for the CPC certification exam twice with out-of-date code books and lessen her chances of passing for that reason Salt Lake City Companies . The AAPC, previously known by the full title of the American Academy of Professional Coders, is a professional association for people working in specific areas of administration within healthcare businesses in the United States. 202-828-0950. Kathleen A. Perkins-Lee, CPC, CIRCC. Contact Email info@aapc.com; Phone Number +1 801-236-2200; Lists Featuring This Company. Under no circumstances should this information be used for soliciting. Contact Organizational Solutions about how to identify and overcome barriers to successful organizational transformation. You should have one more exam attempt with your exam purchaseWe encourage you to register for your retake as soon as possibleUse members of our Facebook group to help you with any questions you may haveFind the group at this link: ***Don't give upYou can do this!Alex M***AAPC, The customer first inquired about a refund on December 16, She stated she had a health issue not permitting her to complete the program she purchased from AAPCThe representative stated that the course she purchased had been completed half way and we would be unable to facilitate her request UAE . The American Association of Pastoral Counselors was a professional organization of pastoral counselors from a variety of religious and psychological traditions. Please contact a Career Counselor at 877-290-0440. *** ***, Hello *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Additional comments? Track . Chicago, IL 60601-5809 Local Chapter officer contact information is listed for the purposes of engaging with AAPC on a local level. Main Office: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT (800) 809-2273. AAPC… Practice Provider is proud to be a certified member representing the highest of industry standards. Western US Medical Companies . Customer Relations Email: info@ahima.org. I am rejecting this response because: You are not refunding the money you owe me You did not tell me I had only four months to finish or tell me I had thirty days to get a refund You look into it You sent me books in January that I did not order I want a refund Email: bigcats_23@hotmail.com. ***@aapc.com, Hi Mr***, We apologize for your frustrationsThe difficulty of our medical billing exam is a reflection of the demands of the professionThis is why employers seek AAPC Certified Professional BillersThey know these individuals are properly prepared for the workplaceWe plead that you do Email: ladyspazz@cox.net Want to become a member of the Grand Canyon Coders? Local Chapter officer contact information is listed for the purposes of engaging with AAPC on a local level.
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